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First Android Application

Now time for our first android appli­ca­tion. We will start with very basic one and with time we move to the more advanced applications.

Fol­low the below steps to make your first application

  • Open the Eclipse ADT
  • File -> New -> Android Appli­ca­tion Project
New Android application

New Android application

  • New Android Appli­ca­tion form will appear.
  • Fill the form as the pic­ture below and click on Next
New Android application form

New Android appli­ca­tion form

Note: Min­i­mum Required SDKThe min­i­mum ver­sion of android OS in which the appli­ca­tion will run. Tar­get SDK : The lat­est ver­sion of android OS in which the appli­ca­tion will run.

  • New Android Appli­ca­tion — Con­fig­ure Project win­dow will appear. You can click next as of now, we will talk in detail in fur­ther sessions.
New Android application form 2

New Android appli­ca­tion form 2

  • Con­fig­ure Launcher Icon win­dow will appear, here you will get the oppor­tu­nity to change your appli­ca­tion icon, you can do it later as will, so for now click Next.
New Android application form -3

New Android appli­ca­tion form –3

  • Cre­ate Activ­ity Screen will appear, Blank Activ­ity is selected by default, click Next
Create Activity

Cre­ate Activity

  • Blank Activ­ity will appear, give a name you want to your Activ­ity and to its lay­out. by default it will be “Main­Ac­tiv­ity” and “activity_main”. Click Fin­ish
Blank Activity

Blank Activ­ity

  • Your project is cre­ated. You can locate your Main­Ac­tiv­ity java under Hello -> src->com.example.hello-> and the lay­out file will be Hello -> res -> layout->activity_main.xml.
Hello Project

Hello Project


Run the Application:

  • Run the Emu­la­tor, Read the arti­cle “Emu­la­tor” to know how to cre­ate a new Emulator.
Emulator Launch

Emu­la­tor Launch

  • Right Click on your project and go to Run As -> An Android Application
Run the android app

Run the android app

  • That’s it you have just com­pleted your first android appli­ca­tion, Don’t you believe, check out the Emulator.
Hello World

Hello World

Say hello with you name in it, (Change the text).

Open the activity_main.xml and look care­fully into it.



Look into





android:text="@string/hello_world" />

now what is this, This is your text, hello word which is appear­ing on the screen.

Mod­ify a String resource with Name: “hello_world ” and change its Value to I am Sumit Jain, say­ing Hello to the android world . To know more about , how to mod­ify a string resource, Click here “Strings.xml”

Lets run the appli­ca­tion again.

Hello World - updated text

Hello World — updated text


Happy Android­ing 🙂
Sumit Jain

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